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Transformer Kit

Mantle Series: 1

New York needs a hero. As usual. But is it ready for a hero as outrageously unusual as this?

In the early 70s New York punk scene, Kitty Hampshire is still finding her own identity. But she’s certain of one thing – she always knew she was meant to be a man. Kitty learns about life from the eccentric friends she meets in NYC’s underground music scene and then has the surgery to affirm her true gender. Kitty becomes Kit Simmons, but other forces are present in the flesh grafted onto Kit’s body.

In an era of turmoil and violence, Kit finds himself endowed with bizarre superhuman abilities. But can he really stand against the oppressive forces plotting against New York?

Transformer Kit is a gritty urban fantasy with adult humor about quirky characters who are fighting for what they believe in the big, bad, beautiful city.

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Well, if you want something different, this is it. Very cleverly written, with an amazingly funny main character. You’ll know what I mean when you read it 😂.


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