Women's horror promo

I’ve teamed up with a great group of indie authors to put together A Book Fair of Stories with Evil Places – it’s called ‘Town Without Pity’ and features some great horror reads and classic ghost stories, including my  novel ‘A Lunatic’s Laugh’.

My modern Gothic horror novel, A Lunatic’s Laugh, revolves around two women. Dominique Fealty is a young women who was gifted (or cursed) with second sight in her childhood. Her grandmother Lilli Ashler, was a famous actor in her youth who maybe sold her soul for all the success she achieved. Meanwhile, just beyond the grounds of Lilli’s mansion stands an abandoned asylum that for a long time has attracted evil rumours…

To coincide with the promotion with my fellow authors, I’ve reduced the price of A Lunatic’s Laugh this week from $2.99 to $0.99. You can take a look at my book and all the other great stories centred around evil places right here

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