Superhero Soundtracks! cover

One of the fun things about being an indie author is that you can create and design strange little books as giveaways for people who are following whatever series you’re publishing. So, since my Mantle Series of superhero urban fantasy novels begins its epic and outrageous saga in the early days of the New York punk scene – and since music and records are a theme and source of inspiration throughout the books – I thought it’d be nice to create a kind of mixtape for them.

And here it is – Superhero Soundtracks! provides a chapter-by-chapter listening experience of real cool punky/funky/indie tunes (and more!) that tie in with whatever action is taking place in the books. It’s almost as if the characters had an algorithm lurking in the background and spying on them the whole time… hey Kit, hey Wade, welcome to the real world!

You can get your free mixtape book here – and, as you can probably tell from the cover I created for the Superhero Soundtracks!, it was as much fun to put together as I’d thought it would be 🙂

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