Women's horror promo

I’ve teamed up with some great authors to offer a sinister selection of books featuring women’s horror. That is, books in which women are the main protagonists of the story. So, if you’re searching for your next women’s horror story, look no further! 

My modern Gothic horror novel, A Lunatic’s Laugh, revolves around two women. Dominique Fealty is a young women who was gifted (or cursed) with second sight in her childhood. Her grandmother Lilli Ashler, was a famous actor in her youth who maybe sold her soul for all the success she achieved. Meanwhile, just beyond the grounds of Lilli’s mansion stands an abandoned asylum that for a long time has attracted evil rumours…

To coincide with the promotion with my fellow authors, I’ve reduced the price of A Lunatic’s Laugh this week from $2.99 to $0.99. You can take a look at my book and all the other great women’s horror stories right here

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