Always on my mind…

After a not very hard day writing dark, satirical urban fantasy, I sometimes like to unwind by listening to music or reading SFF or haiku.    Since this site came with a blog page, I thought I’d capture those interests here – just for fun.

Soon, brother

 soon, brother an autumn leaf in moonlight   in moonlight each footstep fallen leaves ### These haiku were inspired by time and the changing seasons. And, to finish, here’s Fleet Foxes, sounding beautiful and timeless –

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The best books about reality becoming unreal

  I was recently invited by (a book discovery website that helps readers find fantastic books and meet new authors) to recommend 5 of myfavorite books around a topic/theme that interests me and ties in with my own writing. Since I'm often attracted...

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In the pillow’s folds

in the pillow’s folds our talk the hiss of the waves ### This haiku was inspired by the tender joy of pillow talk by the ocean. And, to finish, here’s Imelda May with a song about hushed talks with your lover –

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