Always on my mind…

After a not very hard day writing dark, satirical urban fantasy, I sometimes like to unwind by listening to music or reading SFF or haiku.    Since this site came with a blog page, I thought I’d capture those interests here – just for fun.


  I’ve teamed up with 40+ fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of sci-fi and fantasy novels to 2 lucky winners! Not only that, but the Grand Prize winner also gets a cool new eReader 😎 You can win my novel Transformer Kit, plus other intriguing reads...

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Superhero Soundtracks! mixtape book

One of the fun things about being an indie author is that you can create and design strange little books as giveaways for people who are following whatever series you're publishing. So, since my Mantle Series of superhero urban fantasy novels begins its epic and...

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A Lunatic’s Laugh – reviewed

Here's a quote from a 5 star review for my modern Gothic horror novel, A Lunatic's Laugh, which you can find here. It's strange how all the positive reviews of the books you've written just seem so intelligent and perceptive!

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