Always on my mind…

After a not very hard day writing dark, satirical urban fantasy, I sometimes like to unwind by listening to music or reading SFF or haiku.    Since this site came with a blog page, I thought I’d capture those interests here – just for fun.

Fanbase Press interview – Transformer Kit

  The first book of my gritty, darkly humorous urban fantasy series was published recently. The people at Fanbase Press were nice enough to support the launch of Transformer Kit (Mantle Series: 1) by interviewing me about the inspirations for the book. In the...

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Over a Dusting

  over a dusting of snow who knows who is singing this twilight ### This haiku was inspired by the pristine quality of the sunset during a cold snap. And, to finish, here’s Young Fathers with a performance to warm the place up –

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Chilled to the taste

chilled to the taste the sky could be poured in a glass though this thirst still lasts   ### This haiku was inspired by festive celebrations. And, to finish, here’s The Shins, sounding somewhat post-festive –

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