Always on my mind…

After a not very hard day writing dark, satirical urban fantasy, I sometimes like to unwind by listening to music or reading SFF or haiku.    Since this site came with a blog page, I thought I’d capture those interests here – just for fun.

You Wore Blue

You Wore Blue   It’s funny about wars – (No, you’re right.  Nothing’s ever funny about wars.  But you remember what my sense of humour’s like, remember how it got me into trouble even at the best of times?) But all I mean to say is it’s funny how wars get so...

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Trust and Other Balancing Acts

Trust and Other Balancing Acts   Roped together, precariously, and using dainty umbrellas as their only means of balancing on the tightrope that supported them, they made an unlikely team.  Lithe and unhealthily slender, looking like a tourist from the spirit...

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