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Read the unauthorised biography of Lilli Ashler, theatrical star of A Lunatic’s Laugh. Hear the first-hand testimony from her friends, lovers and rivals.

Jem Spence is an up-and-coming biographer of minor celebrities from a variety of fields, including showbiz, sport, the artworld and politics. He focuses his attention on those intriguing characters from the margins who often attract something of a cult following. Jem prefers his subjects to be slightly wounded since he isn’t averse to manipulating them. Any fresh scandal he uncovers only adds to the leverage he’s able to wield to make his subjects more co-operative. Now he plans to write a biography called Lilli in Hollywood about the faded actress once heralded as the ‘County Clare Lana Turner’.

What will he discover about Lilli’s astonishing story of how youthful glamour and ambition led to glory and celebrity, before finally ending in retreat and isolation? And if he truly uncovers Lilli’s deepest secrets, will Jem Spence ever be able to return to the comfortable and secure world he once knew?

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