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People Like Us In Paris, 1793 (Mantle Series: 2.5)

Follow the adventures of Morrigan’s and Leilana’s mother in Paris during the Reign of Terror, when she was young and carefree and having fun with Monsieur le Mort

Louis Aldonze operates the guillotine in the Place de la Révolution. He makes the “corrections” required by the Reign of Terror and he prides himself on holding more of the city’s objectionable power than anyone else in Paris – more than Robespierre, Saint-Just or Marat. Then he meets Kiru, a strange woman with a flashing, silvery smile. Soon, Louis Aldonze will realise that there is someone more powerful than him in Paris. Because Kiru is people like us…

This historical urban fantasy shows what happens when a paranormal character is drawn to the bloodshed of revolution – Where does the real danger lie? And who will be sacrificed? Can a predator start to feel some tenderness for her prey?

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