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Transformer Kit cover

Transformer Kit

(Mantle Series: 1)

Introducing the most outrageous hero ever to hit the streets of New York in this gritty urban fantasy with adult humuor & punk rock antics. If Lou Reed had written ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ as a Marvel comic instead of a song, this is probably what that story would look like…

A Lunatic's Laugh cover

A Lunatic’s Laugh

This modern Gothic mystery novel delivers a unique twist on the classic haunted house story. A Lunatic’s Laugh asks what happens if an actor truly sells her soul for success? What sort of macabre family saga is unleashed and how will it threaten her sanity, as well as the lives and souls of her descendants?

Feline Alchemy cover

Feline Alchemy

(Mantle Series: 2)

After the turmoil in New York, another unlikely and hopelessly unprepared hero meets powerful, mysterious characters who send his life spinning out of control – and set him on a collision course with the gang from Transformer Kit (Mantle Series: 1).

Revolution Parades cover

Revolution Parades

(Mantle Series: 3)

History’s least likely revolutionaries face a showdown with history’s least likely NSFW crime-fighting duo! When the characters from Feline Alchemy arrive in New York with plans to take over the world, who can possibly stop them? Not the police, not the military…

Trust book cover

Trust & Other Balancing Acts

A collection of fantastical, weird and witty stories and flash fiction ranging from SFF to biographical sketches of well-known personalities, and from mythology to humour, Trust & Other Balancing Acts is a quick-fire collection of stories with something for everyone.

People Like Us in Paris, 1793 cover

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